Does advertising in Kids & Family work?

Ask any of our current customers. Most of our customers have been with us for an average of 7 +  years and some since the very beginning.

How long has the directory been publishing?    

New Orleans first published in October of 1997
Northshore first published in  May of 2001

How well are the books picked up?

Almost 95% of the books are picked up…the ones that are left over are frequently given to real estate companies that put them in relocation packets.  Families hold on to them for 6+ months.

Why isn’t there more editorial?

Kids & Family is used primarily as a resource guide. Our job is to direct families to businesses in the area that cater to families.  The ads or special features are the content. Readers are not just reading an article and then throwing the book away.  Instead, they hold on to the publication and use it as they need a certain product or service.

Why don’t you have circulation numbers?

We report actual copies printed and distributed, not inflated readership numbers.