Hot & Healthy: Your Guide to Summertime Checkups & Health Care For Kids

It’s probably the last thing on your mind, and it’s certainly not at the top of your child’s summertime wishlist, but now is the ideal time to organize all your pediatric healthcare needs. From catching up on vaccinations to scheduling six-month dental and annual medical checkups to mapping out emergency facilities and specialists, we’ve got […] read more

Heat Relief: Fun Ways to Cool Off with the Kids

After an unusually mild spring, summer has finally arrived in Southeast Louisiana — with a vengeance. The kids are bored, but it’s so darn hot outside. What to do? Well, whether your idea of relief from the heat involves water or air conditioning, we’ve got you covered. Here are some super COOL, family-friendly activities and […] read more

Beyond Team Sports: Cool Extracurriculars for Kids

While there’s plenty of debate over how much is too much, most people can agree that some sort of extracurricular activity is good for kids. Why? It cuts down on electronics, builds confidence, relieves stress, teaches time management (where homework is concerned), and it expands their horizons by allowing them to explore various interests. There […] read more

Fete Formula: Kids’ Party Planning Guide

Parties — they’re all fun and games until you have to plan and execute them yourself, right? Naturally, many aspects of planning a party for kids are quite different from planning one for adults, but the key to success for either one is, of course, organization. In addition to budget and guest list, deciding on […] read more